Reading Update -January 4th 2019

Wow, it felt scary to type 2019 in the title for this post. In my mind it’s forever the year 2000 and I am 17 years old. Alas.

I’ve been fortunate to be off work for most of December as I am moving from one job to another so I’ve been able to do a lot of reading. I’m due to start teaching in a new school at the beginning of the new term this coming Monday. It’s a promoted post with a lot of new responsibilities but hopefully i’ll still get enough time to read (is there ever enough time?). I have been reading a lot of NetGalley ARCs recently so have a bunch of scheduled posts in the pipeline which has made me a bit tardy when it comes to updating with my progress. Continue reading “Reading Update -January 4th 2019”

Treat yo self

Sometimes a book is so good you buy the hardcover months after buying the ebook.

What an absolutely stunning book. I treated myself to this as it was by far and away the book I enjoyed most this year. When people ask me for book recommendations I invariably start proselytising about Circe.

The map on the inside is gorgeous too

Hopefully we’ll see more from Miller in the future so I can stop googling ‘Madeline Miller upcoming book’ and ‘Madeline Miller next book’ on a weekly basis. I’ve been a massive fangirl since I read (and ugly cried at) The Song of Achilles.

In other news I’ve finally made a dent on some of my library books. This is my upcoming library reading list.

These do have to compete with a whole heap of Netgalley ARCs too though but hoping to finish them before the end of the month.