Reading Update -January 4th 2019

Wow, it felt scary to type 2019 in the title for this post. In my mind it’s forever the year 2000 and I am 17 years old. Alas.

I’ve been fortunate to be off work for most of December as I am moving from one job to another so I’ve been able to do a lot of reading. I’m due to start teaching in a new school at the beginning of the new term this coming Monday. It’s a promoted post with a lot of new responsibilities but hopefully i’ll still get enough time to read (is there ever enough time?). I have been reading a lot of NetGalley ARCs recently so have a bunch of scheduled posts in the pipeline which has made me a bit tardy when it comes to updating with my progress. Continue reading “Reading Update -January 4th 2019”

Progress Update – December 3rd 2018


I finished Anna Karenina. 


After interminable hours slogging through it, I have decided that I am going to be more mercenary about ditching books I am not enjoying. Up till now I’ve always slogged through to the end no matter what, but I have so many books to get through and so many I want to read in future why should I continue to read something I don’t enjoy? I don’t do it with any other form of media so why books? Saying all that, I was determined to finish Anna Karenina. Why? So, I could say with all good conscience that I gave it a chance. That and I have a great excuse now to never even attempt to read War and Peace. My future advice re: Anna Karenina for anyone reading it who feels for some reason they MUST read it – just watch a film adaptation. I really am a fan of the classics in general but I borderline hated this book. Next time I find myself slogging through 800 pages of poorly veiled woman hating I’ll try and remember this post. 

In other news I’ve been reading some absolutely fantastic ARCs from Netgalley. I went a little wild last week and started requesting lots of books despite having a huge pile of library books to get through. There were three I was desperate to get from Canongate which I was successfully able to get which made my day. One in particular, Salt on Your Tongue: Women and the Sea by Charlotte Runcie has a Scottish focus so for obvious reasons appeals to me. At the moment I’m reading The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea which is wonderful so far. It’s a mystery set in 1600s Iceland and reminds me a little of a mix of Bluebeard with hints of Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Long story short, it’s fantastic so far.  

This weekend I also read The Lost Books of the Odyssey by Zachary Mason which was an enjoyable short read. Some of the stories were better than others which is always the case with these things, but I always enjoy a riff on the Classics, and it’s helped me like Odysseus a bit more. After reading Circe by Madeline Miller and The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker I wasn’t feeling particularly well disposed towards him, but I think we’re taking steps to mend our relationship. He really is still an awful git though.  

I also received my first Illumicrate last week. I try not to buy into fripperies but this seems really good so far and it came with two books which is a bonus. One is a Japanese themed YA novel which sounds quite promising so i’m looking forward to making a start on that. I also treated myself to the upcoming Grisha box which comes with a special edition of King of Scars. How could I resist? Leigh Bardugo can basically do no wrong in my mind so it’s definitely worth it. The only downside will be waiting a few days after release to read the book!

Anna Karenina – the saga continues

What I expected:

What I got:

This excerpt says it all:

No. More. Farming. PLEASE.

If they released an edit of this book without Levin, his brothers or Kitty, nothing of value would be lost.

Levin has just received a letter from Marya, his brother Nikolai’s mistress, to say that Nikolai is dying. Kitty wishes to accompany Levin but “the fact alone that his wife, his Kitty, would be in the same room with a slut already made him shudder with revulsion and horror.”

This is the same character who openly admits to happily shagging around Russia before finding his perfect, virginal Kitty. I read recently that Levin was basically written as a foil for Tolstoy. In that case he must have been an odious prick.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m never going to finish this novel. I’ve been reading employee development related publications for work and they are downright scintillating in comparison. What am I missing? I’m too stubborn not to finish it at this point but it’s truly tortuous, especially up against some of the great books I’m reading concurrently.