“The Mercies” by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Thanks to Pan Macmillan and NetGalley for the Advance Review Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Sighs into infinity

Rightio, I was really excited to read this book. I feel like Hargrave has the coolest sounding books and I’m always really pumped to read them.

HOWEVER, I felt the same disappointment reading this as I did reading The Deathless Girls in that it didn’t live up to the premise or my expectations.

This book is based on the true story of the Vardo storm and ensuing witch trials. I’ll be completely honest and say I had never heard of these events so I can’t say how accurate the plot is to real life.

The book reminded me a bit of The Glass Woman by Caroline Lea and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Not just because of the Scandinavian-esque feel to it, but it covered some of the same themes of brutality, patriarchy and prejudice.

The book suffered from exactly the same issues I have encountered in Millgrave’s other work. The book starts strong then has a huge plot sag in the middle which made me lose interest. I got to around 40% before the creeping death feeling started and I stopped looking forward to reading it.

The main relationship felt like a rehash of the same relationship in the Deathless Girls. Two people with barely any chemistry experience instalove and get themselves into some real bother. Sadly they don’t even turn into vampires in this one.

I think I may have to say ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ to Millgrave. I can’t say this is a bad book by any means but it just wasn’t for me sadly.