Anna Karenina – the saga continues

What I expected:

What I got:

This excerpt says it all:

No. More. Farming. PLEASE.

If they released an edit of this book without Levin, his brothers or Kitty, nothing of value would be lost.

Levin has just received a letter from Marya, his brother Nikolai’s mistress, to say that Nikolai is dying. Kitty wishes to accompany Levin but “the fact alone that his wife, his Kitty, would be in the same room with a slut already made him shudder with revulsion and horror.”

This is the same character who openly admits to happily shagging around Russia before finding his perfect, virginal Kitty. I read recently that Levin was basically written as a foil for Tolstoy. In that case he must have been an odious prick.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m never going to finish this novel. I’ve been reading employee development related publications for work and they are downright scintillating in comparison. What am I missing? I’m too stubborn not to finish it at this point but it’s truly tortuous, especially up against some of the great books I’m reading concurrently.

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