Progress update!

Well I’ve made some more progress and i’m now about 70% of the way through Anna Karenina. Levin finally managed to snag Kitty (HOW? That poor woman) and Anna and Vronsky are currently gallivanting around Italy being generally awful. I’m still trying to find Anna’s personality in between the lines but thus far my search has been fruitless, if you come across it, please let me know.  I’ve been reading some essays about how this book is supposed to be a work of sublime genius but I’m just not feeling it. I know male authors of the 19th century seemed to relish writing about  ‘pure’ women being knocked off their pedestals (Thomas Hardy, I’m looking at you) but perhaps it’s just too depressingly true even now for me to read without judging. I’m still rooting for poor Alexei, can someone just give him a hug please? It’s interesting how he has been portrayed unsympathetically in past film and television adaptations (with the exception of Jude Law’s portrayal in the Joe Wright version) as he seems an all-round good guy to me.

I also had a quick read of The Lost Sisters by Holly Black, a short novella from Taryn’s (Boooo) point of view. I enjoyed The Cruel Prince but felt it was a just a smidge overrated and the characters felt a little too familiar to anyone who has read their fair share of YA novels e.g. feisty female main character who loves swords and hates dresses and an awful dickhead Prince who will inevitably end up having a heart of gold. Perhaps I was suffering from Fae overload when I read it earlier in the year as I know it’s much beloved in YA circles. Despite all that I am very much looking forward to The Wicked King when it comes out next year. I’m giving it 100 pages before Jude and Cardan bang.

I’m also still slogging through The Rise of Athens by Anthony Everitt. I think I’m onto my third library renewal now for this one which says it all really. I don’t know how the history of one of the world’s most fascinating cities can be so crushingly dull. Xerxes is just about to invade so that might spice things up.

Overall feeling a bit meh about my current reading list although I know I’ve got some great looking books on my To Read list. Next year is shaping up to look pretty great too, particularly looking forward to King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo and Return of the Thief by Megan Whalen Turner so roll on 2019!

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